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Hi, I'm Christine! 

Michigander and Metalsmith of almost 15 years. I create jewelry showcasing hand picked Michigan objects; created with stones from our beautiful beaches, little natural treasures like pine cones and flower buds, and an array of metalsmithing techniques. Nature is what inspires me most and often the stones dictate what they will become. Everything I make is entirely handmade excluding fine chain, and naturally one of a kind. Years of studio practice and an informative education has given my work a comfortable, thoughtful finish. Creating a piece of jewelry that takes someone to a special place or memory is the best part of my job.

As Seen In: 

Traverse Magazine - June 2021 Issue - "Red Hot Best - Voted #1 for Best Artist in the Charlevoix Chain of Lakes Region" 

Michigan Blue Magazine - Summer Issue 2021 - "Elemental Inspiration"

Traverse City Record Eagle - Summer 2021 Special Publication - "Northern Michigan Women in Business - Ladies who do it right." 

Midwest Living Magazine - November/December 2021 Issue - "2021 Holiday Gift Guide"

Detroit Athletic Club - "2021 Holiday Gift Guide Feature"

Voyage Michigan Magazine - "Artist Spotlight"

Traverse Magazine - February 2023 - "Rock Hunting Finds Turned Heirloom Jewelry by Charlevoix Metalsmith"

Traverse Magazine - June 2023 - "Red Hot Best - Voted #3 for Best Place to Buy Jewelry"

Some common elements of my jewelry include:


  • Petoskey Stone: A fossilized coral deposited in Michigan by glaciers with a distinct 6 sided coral pattern with central eyes.

  • Charlevoix Stone: A fossilized coral deposited in Michigan by glaciers with a small rounded repetitive pattern. In cross section it becomes tubular lines with surrounding round patterns.

  • Michigan Greenstone: Chlorastrolite, our state gemstone has a turtleback like pattern and is typically a mix of green colors. Only found in the Upper Peninsula.

  • Mohawkite: A true Michigan rarity! This stone is found in only one place in the world, the Mohawk mine in the UP. It is a quartz matrix with alloy metal throughout that creates in the best specimens a snowflake pattern.

  • Lake Michigan Quartz: The second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust, this stone comes in a variety of colors and resembles beach glass when smoothed by the sand and waves. It is commonly found mixed with other stones in Lake Michigan creating a mini landscape of its own.

  • Lake Superior Agate: Some of if not the oldest agates you can find on our entire planet. Commonly found in bright red, orange, and yellows, but colors and patterns differ  based on location

  • Leland Blue Stone: Found in Leland, Mi - the remains of the Leland Lake Superior Iron Company’s smelting process in the late 1800’s, a glass slag with a vast range of color including blue, green, purple, grey, and gradient colors. Referred to as Michigan’s Turquoise.

  • Various Corals: Horn, Honeycomb, and Chain Corals are just a few of the many fossilized corals that were deposited here in Michigan by glaciers. Each has its own distinct coral pattern.

  • Live Cast Elements:  Local fauna including live cedar, pine-cones, twigs, buds, flowers, and more molded and transformed into perfect replicas in precious metals.

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