This incredibly patterned slag comes from Muskegon, and is locally referred to as Muskegon Jade. Leland Blue is also a slag from but from Leland.  This stone has the most beautiful array of colors and swirls, all with a distinctive green tint. Set in a hand serated thick bezel and a sleek cuff band that tapers at the back. 


Naturally one of a kind, stone measures 2 1/2" X 1 3/8" - bracelet measures just over 5.5" with a 1.25" opening, slightly adjustable.


Always on any cuff find a comfortable size and stick with it, repeated bending open and close will cause stress fractures and the eventual break of your cuff band. 


Handmade in my Charlevoix, MI studio in recycled sterling silver. 

Muskegon Jade Cuff